I use classical singing techniques to improve vocal power and breathing efficiency.

I run workshops for organisations and individuals who would like to improve their vocal power and/or breathing efficiency. 

As a professional singer of many years' experience who trained in the 'Bel Canto' Classical method I find that the singing techniques I use in my career have given me an expertise in efficient breathing, vocal projection and support.

I pass on these techniques using an informal approach with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment.

For example:

Parkinson's sufferers lose their muscular power. As it declines voices can become weaker. I teach a regular Vocal Workshop to Spalding Parkinson's Society. Their Secretary - Val Crewe writes:

"Singing for fun and learning to whistle backwards - two of the first things that come to mind when thinking about taking part in Jeff Woods' voice lessons.

As a Parkinson's sufferer I have a very quiet voice and many people now have difficulty in hearing me. My goal in taking part in the voice lessons organized by Jeff Woods a.k.a. 'Pavanotti' is to learn how to sing and breathe properly in order to strengthen my voice muscles and in time my voice. I didn't expect to learn to whistle backwards which was one important part of Jeff's lessons about singing or to learn African chants - however I found myself doing both. Along with the other members of the Parkinson's group being taught by Jeff I've had a lot of fun taking part so far but on a more serious note I have already managed to make some changes to my voice. As a group we are still in the fairly early stages of learning, but I hope and expect that with Jeff's expertise and encouragement we will all continue to make big improvements over the next few months.

Thanks for all the help Jeff whilst making it such fun to learn."



C.O.P.D. sufferers progressively lose lung capacity. I have given several Better Breathing Workshops to Spalding C.O.P.D. Society - the Happy Breathers.

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