Great Singers & Great Singing !

 My 'unique selling point' is that I sing in all my presentations.

My presentations appeal to ladies and gentlemen.

I employ 'state of the art' presentation methods and I illustrate my lectures with recorded extracts and pictures.

As one happy Cruise Director said: 

"Jeff imparts 'in-depth' knowledge with authority and humour on a considerable range of subjects to afficionado and beginner alike."

A Selection of Presentations

I sing in ALL of them !

'Crossovers - Caruso to Bocelli and Beyond !'

'Comical PLUS Musical EQUALS Magical !'  

'The Great Crooners'

'Great Ladies of Song'

'My Favourite Singers Ever' Do You Agree ?

PLUS A new, fun, inter-active presentation which is massively popular with audiences:-

'Singing for Health, Wealth & Happiness' How to do it !

Contact me for a more comprehensive list or to design a bespoke presentation for your delight.